Monday, September 1, 2008

Dumb Money by Gary Wolff and Joey Anuff

The book is set in the middle of the .com explosion, both of the others are day trading and recount there crazy tales in this insane time. It gave me insight into the dot gone crash that was new to me. A very easy and quick read that makes investing sound like the super bowl in overtime full with emotional mix up and depression. The two authors meet up at a trading seminar and give advice to each other through some message boards. They also head to a large traders convention and learn from the best. Certainly a book to read before you quit your job and pick up day trading! Not for those looking to learn about technical indicators and catching stock trends, but there si lots of information on how the world of equities turned digital. In several chapters the authors talked about the different ECN's which was brand new to me! And the SOES thieves who stole the spread with their quick computers when some institutions were still stuck in the paper age.

Overall a decent book, slow in parts but some great advice into the world of trading and the emotions that run with it all!

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