Saturday, February 16, 2008

My list

Well after a fair share of research I came up with a list of stocks. I used the Warren Buffett philosophy of buying stocks of companies you like.Here it is:

1.Nike (nke)
Awesome brand, I wear the hockey equipment and the bball shoes. Also I read some articles about how the Olympics could have a large effect on Nike . A very safe bet with a good balance sheet, great dividend and plus Warren Buffett owns some!!!!!

2.Jamba (jmba)

A lesser known name especially in Canada but on a trip to New York this past summer I discovered it. It was very hot, so we decided to try a smoothie from Jamba Juice, it was amazing so a couple weeks ago ,I looked it up on google finance and did some research. The 60 % drop since the summer scared me a bit , but the potential is huge. They signed a deal with Nestle for their drinks to be sold bottled. And they are expanding to new areas with new stores at an amazing pace , the stock sells at under 50% of it's book value per share , very low p/e 8, no debt and double digit profit. margin

3. Johnson + Johnson (jnj)

Another of Warren Buffett's picks, good long term prospects and a good balance sheet.
Large dividend great with a history of raising it.Great long term pick.

4.General Electric (ge)

Very safe bet and most of its profits aren't from the US so protected from the imminent recession. Large dividends . The world will always need appliances!!!!

For now i'm still researching but some secondary choices are the following:

canadian tire
shoppers drug mart
bank of nova scotia
Procter + Gamble

Any ideas , suggestions or whatever

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kirbitz said...

Hey simon!

Thanks for dropping by.

Nice to know you started a blog of your own. Its a great start. By fifteen, youll be earning more that youre parents. ;)

If you need anything, dont hesitate to ask me.

you have my support simon!

Blog onwards!